Hot! Customer Car: 1990 Mazda RX7 FC

This Mazda RX7 came to Auto Magic for a full makeover. Our guys quickly got to work tackling body work as well as a fresh paint. Here are some photos of a couple stages the car went through.

The car was block sanded as well as all rubber molding was replaced to ensure everything was snug and un-warped.

The car and parts entered the paint booth and under went a 2 stage paint job. This was 6 coats of base, and 3 coats of clear, then paint sanded and buffed. This is a step above a single paint, in which most cases the paint is mixed with the clear, and some don’t even include the clear coat.

Keep in mind, a 3 stage paint job is the same as the 2 stage, adding in the 3rd stage that may be known as tinting, flaking, or candy or metallic paint.
After paint is cured the car is taken to be wet sanded and buffed, to give that nice new look.


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